Eric Johnson

January 12, 2018

Pristine Frenchies is a breeder that truly loves their dogs. We purchased Zion a few months ago and they made sure we left with all supplies and information that we needed. I may have even seen a tear in their eye as we drove away. Our pup is adorable and so well mannered. If I chose to own another frenchie, I would seek Pristine Frenchies as my breeder choice.


Pristine Frenchies is a reputable business. The family is well experienced in breeding French Bulldogs and have a wealth of information when you get your puppy from them. I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years in two weeks since I got my French Bulldog named Boomer. I wish I was still living in Florida with a big yard to get another one. Boomer was my first dog ever and the family made sure I was well informed and ready to take my puppy home. Thank you for this little bulge of joy!!

Yicong Li 

February 6, 2018

I got my little sweet heart from here. Susan is a really nice person. I am really glad to know her and get one of her amazing puppies to home. 

Lindsey DeLullo

February 12, 2018

Instantly, the website was plus for me. It was very informative and laid out all of the details that I needed. Although, as a first time dog owner, I was hesitant on purchasing an animal without meeting face-to-face. I gained my trust with Pristine Frenchie because of Susan’s constant communication with me, her website and Instagram updates. She would text me pictures of my Benz to show me how he was doing. She would upload pictures to her social media accounts so I was able to follow where Benz’ brothers were going and how he interacted with them. It was the constant communication, the care and advice that Susan gave me that gained my full trust in Pristine Frenchies.

I felt confident in this breeder because of her care for the puppies. One thing that really stood out to me in our first conversation over the phone is that she would not use a pet nanny to transport the puppy to you. She informed me that the pup would be placed in the cargo section of the plane. She felt this was cruel and I completely agreed. This to me confirmed her to care for her puppies.

It was hard to wait those next couple of weeks, but I finally met my little Benz last weekend! I can definitely say that I am 100% satisfied with Pristine Frenchies.

Meghan Quirantes 

February 6, 2018

Pristine Frenchies made it extremely easy and enjoyable to purchase my frenchie! Food, collar, and clothes were provided for my baby Bub so the transition to his new home would be easier for him and us. The puppies are all so loved while being brought up and given the best of care. Pristine Frenchies is an experienced breeder that goes above and beyond to make sure the puppies are healthy and hap